God is present in every situation of our life

God is present in every situation of our life. So, to make the present situation better, find the goodness and richness of the present situation whatever it is. Especially when it is a difficult situation. But important is not to resist when you have nothing to do except accepting. When we resist, we create a lot of friction and cause ourselves even more pain. Take a river flowing from its source to the ocean. It knows where it is going and is determined to get there. It meets many obstacles along the way, does it resist them? Does it stop to discuss with the mountain that is in its way and why it is there and demand that it moves out of its way? No, it accepts that the mountain is there and just goes around it. In doing so it actually gets to its destination much more quickly than it would if it stopped to argue with the mountain. Stop arguing with the mountain and concentrate to your destination.

Don Giorgio