Missions – Philippines

People in the Philippines face problems that cannot be solved on a daily basis. No money for food, basic needs, medication, lack of clean water. There is a high mortality rate, especially among children up to the age of three.

Our Missionary Sisters work among the poorest people living in slums. They gather children in groups and organize various activities for them – learning to read, write, catechesis, English, play, painting cutting out.

Children also receive a complete diet meal and fruits. Sisters also visit people in their homes, comforting them in the hardships of everyday life and in illness. It is also an opportunity to pray together, get to know each other and establish closer relationships.

The mission door is always wide open to the children of the neighborhood. The sisters invite them for catechism prayer and play together.

Our wards come from very poor, large families. They grew up in the vicinity of the land fill- they do not know another reality.


When the dumpster was closed in 2019 due to the plague of rats, mosquitoes and water contamination, their parents lost their livelihood. They sold secondary raw materials- glass, plastic, cardboards.

Therefore, the Sisters donate money from donors for scholarships of the children, school supplies, clothing, and breakfast during the school year for children from the slums.

Without this support, their education would not have been possible and with this help they would gain education and a better start in life.