Vocation – How do I become the sister of Mary Immaculate?

How do I become the sister of Mary Immaculate?
If you want to be perfect, go, sell what you own, and give away to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come and follow Me!

[Mt 19, 21]

Vocation is a gift of God. The basis of religious life is a proper reading of this divine call and a free and selfless response from the called person. Every Catholic girl who wishes to sacrifice herself to God, has a good intention, is fit for religious life and free from canonical obstacles can be admitted to our Congregation.

By entering the Congregation, each of us had a desire to be closer to Jesus and Mary and to improve love in their example. Every activity we do and everything we do for others is just a means to nurture this love of God for us and to all people.

Confession of a husband who did not follow the Lord


Many years ago,

I will meet you on the way to Jerusalem.

It was early spring.

Almond trees bloomed.

I remember that moment when I approached you,

I asked what I should do,

To be perfect.

You said I should sell

All my wealth,

Money to give away to the poor

And follow you.


I was saddened.

I was afraid.

I went home.

And now I’m an old man,

I have a large family,

My fortune multiplied in two,

People find me happy,

But I feel a severe emptiness within myself,


And hopelessness,

Which even my closest

I’m afraid,

They would definitely laugh at me.

Years have passed,

And still I cannot forget

That spring,

My question

And flowering almond trees.

[Roman Brandstatter]