Spirituality and Charism – Mission

Mission of the Congregation

“Live in unity and love, do mercy.”

[Rev. Fr. Johannes Schneider – Founder of the Congregation]


Through the way of our lives we worship God, who is Love. We want to respond to God’s Love by loving Him in all the people to whom He sends us. The evangelical counsels (chastity, poverty and obedience)  are a means for us to deepen the love of God and neighbor.


We perfect our love for God and neighbor primarily in community. We strive for unity in our diversity. Deepening of relations with God is reflected in community relationships and with others. 


We are a sign of God’s Love for man, not so much by what we do, but by who we are and how we live. We want to testify that true Love, happiness, and fidelity in relationships with God and people are accessible to everyone.


“It seems that we live in a time when the world no longer needs our works, conscientious and dedicated work, but wants more of our testimony. Lost in the chaos of various proposals, the modern man is looking for a real sign! He wants relationships with God and with people – even those closest to him, but he does not know how to build them, so he escapes into a virtual world that ultimately does not satisfy the deepest needs.

The world today expects us to be experts in community life and to build human relationships, but that this is what we need to work on all the time, on the quality of our community life. We want to deepen our original Love, our original Motivation, every day to re-enjoy our consecration. These values put us first in life. Our actions make sense as long as they express our identity! “.

[From the letter of the Superior General to the Sisters]