Spirituality and Charism – Charism


“Help save the souls who have stood on the precipice of moral corruption, take care of the boundless misery of so many of your daughters.” [Fr. Johannes Schneider – Founder]

Charism is a special gift of the Holy Spirit for a particular person or community, serving the good of the whole community.

The charism of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate is the concern for women and girls at risk of moral, poor, abandoned and in need of any help or support.

We realize this gift on two levels: the inner (within the community) and the external, as the participation of the Congregation in the life of the Church.

In order to fully realize our charism in the Church, we must first realize it within ourselves. We try, therefore,  first to care for the woman inside, in the conduct, thinking and acting. Nurturing  feminine qualities within ourselves, we begin to realize our charism on the outside.

As consecrated sisters, we are for women who need our support, help and presence.

As part of the charism, we are able to examine various works and projects dedicated directly or indirectly to girls and women. But we don’t stop there. Bearing this charism within ourselves, every action we take is marked by it.

Feminine sensitivity and compassion, and the gift of spiritual motherhood help us to open up to the various tasks in the Church, serving wherever we are needed. We can pursue our charism anytime, anywhere, regardless of age, physical condition,  type of work, latitude,  social, material or political conditions.