History – S.Dulcissima

Servant of God S. M. Dulcissima Hoffmann

“Save only one soul to truly bring joy to Jesus and Mary, what a happiness!”

Servant of God S. M. Dulcissima Hoffmann]

She was born on February 7, 1910 in Zgoda, Silesia, where she also met the sisters of Mary Immaculate and decided to join the Congregation. After overcoming many difficulties, she was finally accepted to the Candidacy in 1928 in Wroclaw. Soon, she began to show the signs of be seriously ill, which basically disqualified her from continuing her religious life, but despite of the current regulations, the superior general decided to allow her be accepted in religious life. Sister Dulcissima fully took up the sufferings by offering it for the Congregation. After many medical examinations, the diagnosis was made: it was a brain cancer, and at that time no doctor wanted to perform the surgery. The prognoses were not promising either. Dulcissima experienced in her life many visions and appearances. During her childhood, she was having appearances of St. Teresa of Lisieux, who was her guide in the spiritual life.

On April 18, 1932, she made her first vows and three years later perpetual vows. Her sufferings did not cease but was intensified giving her more pain, which led to her death on April 18, 1936 in Brzezie near Odra. The local people from the beginning were venerating her as a saint, and many healings which occurred during her lifetime, as well as after her death, were attributed to the unwavering intercession of this young sister. Sister Dulcissima, surrounded by the devotion of the faithful, is venerated as a “Bride of the Cross”.


On February 18, 1999, in the Diocese of Katowice, the beatification process of our sister Dulcissima, Helena Hoffmann – Servant of God, began.

Today, the beatification process is at the Roman level.

More information: www.dulcissima.pl