Missions – Tanzania

Since 1972, our congregation has been present in Tanzania.

Currently, we operate in 10 houses in different parts of the country.

In apostolic work, young people and children are very much challenged, which is why the kindergartens we have set up help develop interests, abilities, and teach the simplest activities, such as education. brushing teeth, hands, eating courtesy, and since classes are taught in English, this allows children to learn the language from an early age, making it easier for them to study at higher levels of education.

Our children receive food in kindergarten, so parents are happy to send them to school, as it is an additional meal they would not receive at home. 

Despite the fact that our kindergartens are run in the Catholic spirit, they are attended also by protestant children.

In 2020, the construction of Johannes Schneider English Medium primary school was completed which up to now   accommodates nearly 100 pupils.

We work with youth, with a major influence on the upbringing and formation of conscious Christians and parents of successive generations of children in Tanzania.

We also organize the training of young people by making the premises available for the evening school, which is attended by young people, who are not able to graduate in the normal way. As part of the ministry, we also run various youth groups.

We run clinics where poor residents from rural areas receive help and small medical treatments.

We also have the sick in our homes. The poorest patients are helped to pay for research by subsidizing hospital surgeries and fees.

We visit families and the sick, pray with them like rosary in their homes, and we run bible sharing.

We conduct the pastoral care of families and the apostolate of prayer.

We cooperate with parishes where we operate catechesis and work with children.