Thursday 10 November

Saint Leo the Great, Pope, Doctor
Thursday of week 32 in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 17:20-25
“…the kingdom of God is among you”. The kingdom of God is in you. There will not be any great signs or miracles of the Kingdom of God outside because it is the love of God placed in your heart. That love which you must make it grow. We normally look for the spectacular intervention of God in life. But the intervention of God is in a silent way because God works at your heart. Our idea of God’s presence is by the strength and power that make things happen. But God’s presence is in the cross and in the sacrifices. We project that our relationship with God is to be spectator of His miracles, but our relationship with God is to let Him grow in us. A relationship that grows in knees that pray, in hands that pray, in lips that pray, in hearts that pray…that grows in each of your actions united with the action of Jesus in the Cross.