What is the “Ziarenko” day support facility in Branice?

Once the children told me that this was their second home … “Seed” HOME … I remember my emotions and tears that day. The day before, I prayed to God that I would still not be able to do it … And perhaps I would not have given it, if it had not been for what I heard, and I read it as meeting the Lord himself in these children.

A grain is time… time given and received. Space just a few hours a day after school. But a space different than any other. Unique, but very, very simple. Doing homework together, praying together, afternoon tea, activities and fun… a lot of fun. And a lot of fun. Sometimes worries, but more joys – basically more joys.

“Ziarenko” is a building … Once, in the convent of the Sisters, or actually in its basement, we started our work with children … and today the activity is located in the community building, in rooms that we lend. And again it’s something special, even though it’s just walls …


I will tell a short story related to this building.

Ziarenko was founded by Maksymilian’s sister, who was then in the facility in Branice. Once I visited her while visiting my parents (I come from Branice). I saw the gleam in her eyes. I knew it meant an idea. It turned out to be not only an ordinary human idea, but God’s inspiration. She suggested that I go for a walk with her. To my surprise, for this walk she took a rather large statue of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. “I’ll tell you on the way,” she said. It was about the old, ruined building of my nursery, where my parents accompanied me as a child. Maksymilian Kolbe put the statue of Mary Immaculate in the open field and said: “Here will be Niepokalanów” and there is … And Maksymilian put the statue of Mary Immaculate in the old, damaged, roofless building and said: “Here will be a seed”. What…? No kidding … I thought to myself.

And no kidding, in a few years the Community of Branice undertakes to completely renovate this old building and allocate some of the rooms to the activities of the Center for children called “Ziarenko”. To this day … I do not understand it humanly … It is also the reason for such a personal meeting with the Immaculate. I am sure today that whenever in my life, or in whatever I do, I will see some ruins … without a roof … then I have to invite Mary to this place … She will perform a miracle of transformation and there will be heaven on earth …

The building, but how important, although it is only walls, but donated by Mary herself. Walls that hold a lot.

Children in “Ziarenek” can pursue interesting and new passions and interests – from sports to artistic. They play football, table tennis, billiards, table football, air hockey, shoot a bow, climb the climbing wall, use the gym. They have a recreation room with a dry pool and wetsuits. There is also a World Experience Room with a waterbed. Computer and study room. In summer, we spend time outside, where we have a lot of activities and challenges for children. There is a go-kart track, tennis court, climbing boulder, playground, gym and many, many other games and adventures that children will invent and create on their own.

In the near future, an oratory will be created, where children will be able to enter for a while and leave their prayers and thanksgiving to God.

“Ziarenko” is an institution … but Marian, first of all … But also weary in law and set on the foundations of the Immaculata Association, which has its soul mate in Opole in the form of our second institution “Cegiełka”

“Ziarenko” are children … Children and they are the most important here … Children attending the Primary School in Branice and older ones, who are already our volunteers … The most important because Jesus said “let the children come to me, the kingdom of heaven belongs to them …” and our grain.

Most importantly, and I am writing about them at the end, but also according to the Gospel principle that “the last will be the first”. Ziarenko are children who find here HOME, TIME, BUILDING, INSTITUTIONS … LOVE, the enormity of love of people who are in the background of the work of this institution. Agnes, devoted with her heart and loving children, mother, wife and trusted friend … Our commune authorities headed by the commune administrator, who … who is wholeheartedly behind us and cheers us on, often fulfilling our strangest requests :). The parish priest of the WNMP Parish in Branice and his parishioners and many, many other people with huge, good and open hearts who support us materially and spiritually.

And I must also mention my Sisters from the Branicka community. Their patience with myself, often a helping hand in good, small things, sometimes make the burden of work that accompanies it becomes smaller, because the community carries and lifts.

So, what is the “Ziarenko” Day Support Center in Branice … all and all that he did not write about and what is in the hearts of the children who attend it.



Sr. Daniela Gumienna