Cabinet Psychotherapy doM

Psychotherapy doM is a place where you can express problems, difficulties that are perceived by strength and willingness to live.

It is a place where you can experience the dignity of yourself, discover your beauty, feel that you are loved.

This is the place where Mary, the patroness of the office, wipes the tears flowing down her cheeks herself, and bends over every human story.

It is a place where, apart from me and the person who comes, Mary is present in a special way. I feel grateful that SHE Herself, through my superiors, trusted me, entrusting each person in this and no other job. I know that every person who comes to the meeting is here not by accident. It gives me such confidence that it is a good time.


The office is a meeting place, it’s TIME. A time that is often fraught with feelings, emotions, memories, where everything becomes alive and real again, where you can experience yourself. Each pain is a profound experience. We fight it so often because it is unbearable. But being with this pain helps you accept it, helps you experience yourself.


To experience yourself in a difficult situation is to know that even if everything is falling apart, I AM, you can feel deep support, even though there is nothing stable around. It is to touch your innermost being, which is stable, calm, confident, despite the fact that it is hard outside and various turbulent feelings. This pain can often help you make your way back to yourself.


As a sister, I cannot help but write that this innermost being is the holy place of the saints in us, where God resides. The time when we are with our own pain, when we experience it, sometimes deeply, truly and vividly, allows us to meet ourselves. It allows you to peel off all layers that have covered like dust, what is most beautiful in us. The layer of expectations of others towards us, unfulfilled hopes, all feelings that today are so different tomorrow, bad words about us, wrongs … what we have, God makes the way to Himself. We begin to enjoy ourselves as we are, with our wounds.

Pain and time to be with it, to reach the depths of yourself.

Difficult experiences, well lived, often leave the most beautiful trace.


We experience a time of joy in the Octave of Easter, Jesus stretches out His wounded hands,

shows His pierced side, these wounds are all Love

This is my job, my service – I am with another person in their pain, worries and sadness.


Sr. M. Dominika