Our school in Mwanga/Kilimanjaro/Tanzania

Johannes Schneider English medium school is one of the biggest fruits of our mission in Tanzania. It is run by sisters and also lay teachers. Some years back the congregation wanted to expand our apostolical work of dealing with the children in school, in Mwanga Kilimanjaro and thus the construction process started but due to some challenges including land tittle deed and later school administration number, it took time to start. We could not wait for all this construction process thus we decided to ask for one room in Mwanga parish so that we can start admitting children for class one and in January 2018 we were lucky to have 25 pupils who could start Johannes Schneider English Medium primary school. This one room served as class for lessons as well as a dining room for one year. During this one year the construction was rapidly growing and also the number of the children increased and after a short time the school was given the administration number and the children started using the new facility. One of the things God blessed these children from the beginning is that they are proud of being in this school, very zealous and competitive in learning, none of them could accept to be defeated and this made the class so lively and cheerful. We can say these 25 pupils were the foundation of Johannes Schneider school and they have set a very good example even to the new comers and due to this many loved the school.

The school is now rapidly growing with almost 300 pupils and five classes, these twenty five children are now in the top level (class five). as education curriculum in Tanzania, every year all the pupils in class four do national examination in order to step to the next level which is (class five) and for the first time in our school, last year we had our first class four group who sat for the national examination whereby they did a very amazing work by being number 1 out 89 schools in municipality of Mwanga, number 1 out 567 schools in Kilimanjaro region and number 45 out of 3997 schools national wide. Congratulations to them and their teachers and for all those who support us (our benefactors) and the people of good will for the good job. By doing this marvelous work they have advertised our school and due to this we are expecting many more children from all over the country to join our school from this year.

Sr. Teresia Mukumu