2nd Sunday of Lent
First reading – Genesis 12:1-4
The reading is about the call of Abraham. “‘Leave your country, your family and your father’s house, for the land I will show you.”. There is no indication about the destination. The only indication about the destination that God will show him. Then at the end of the passage we read, “So, Abram went as the Lord told him”. A journey without knowing the destination. A journey without directions. But where do you go? To where the Lord will show me. The only destination is the Word of God. The only direction is the Word of God. There is a very profound meaning in this call. The destination is in the mind of God and the way to that destination is also in the mind of God. This whole call of Abraham works in a different level. A level where the life is completely entrusted to God. Designed and guided by God. This complete entrusting of Abraham makes him the father of all. In our cases, we want to know the destination first, or even we want to choose the destination. Then once we know the destination of our journey, we make the way to reach there, our own way to reach there. This is where we lose. A journey of faith is that where God choses both the destination and the way to that destination. Let’s reflect: During this Lenten season, am I growing in faith by letting God chose my destination and the way to that destination?