Friday 2 December

Friday of the 1st week of Advent
Gospel – Matthew 9:27-31
“As Jesus went on his way two blind men followed him shouting, ‘Take pity on us, Son of David.’ And when Jesus reached the house, the blind men came up with him and he said to them,” . This is a beautiful scene. Two blind man following Jesus. These two blind men following until Jesus reached the house. Very challenging – keep shouting to somebody without knowing and following blindly someone without knowing. But they continued. They did not see Him, but they continued. They did not hear any reply for their shouting, but they continued. The darkness in their eyes, nor the silence in their ears stopped them. They keep following and shouting. The unanswered prayers are invitation to keep going, keep following, keep shouting. They met him at the house where Jesus is. Let’s reflect: Advent is the time to keep following and calling Jesus even when we don’t see any answers.