on Friday of the 7th week of Eastertide
Saint Philip Neri, Priest
First reading – Acts 25:13-21
In this episode we find King Agrippa is little bit confused about the case of Paul. But Paul is very clear about his demands. This is the difference between persons led by mere civils laws and procedures and persons led by diving inspiration. Anything which does not fall in the framework we have learnt, put us in confusion. We don’t understand because we don’t find references about in the books we have read. There is no mentioning about it in the information we received. So, we feel confusion which results in lots of questions. But for a person who is led by faith, everything fit in to his or her logic. There is space for all eventualities in our life. Faith gives meaning and answers to the unexpected events in our life. They don’t pose questions but gives answers of faith. Let’s reflect: Do I feel confused about the events in my life, or I see them in the light of faith?