Friday of week 9 in Ordinary Time
Saint Ephraem, Deacon, Doctor
First reading – Tobit 11:5-17
In this episode in the life of Tobit and Tobias we can see that the meaning of life. Life is for two things. For praising the Lord and for blessings the others in your life. Praising the Lord because God arranges everything in life for good. We may have difficulties in our life. We may have crisis in our life, but we stick to the Lord, and we praise the Lord, crisis goes away. By trusting in the Lord, we will see that the night goes away, and lights come in. This is why we must praise the Lord always. The second thing which we must do is to bless others. When we bless others, we become instruments of God. Because God is the source of all blessings in our life. So, when we bless someone, we become the channel of His love and grace. Let’s reflect: Am I praising God and blessing others enough?