I would like to share my travel experience during epidemic season!

After this huge crisis of Covid-19 each and everything has been affected in the world; socially, economically and in religion has totally changed in terms of worshiping God. So in the middle of this hard time, I got a chance to travel to Europe for Congregation matters and also holiday. Un expectedly I travelled in three countries simultaneously due to the problem of my Visa for Italy which delayed due to the new travelling system.

I started my journey from Tanzania on 15th October 2021 and first, I arrived in Poland, then Berlin and lastly in Rome/Italy.

I can admit that, language, unity and love are the values which contributed to good communication with the Sisters I met in Europe, it was very fun and interesting, I did not know the Polish even German language but when I was there; I didn’t feel the countries difference, it was like; I was in Tanzania. I communicated with the Sisters through gestures especially when there was no one near to translate and we understood well each other and both were so happy.

The Sisters were so interested to ask me many different questions concerning our Region and the life in general in Tanzania. I tried to answer and explaining all things they were interested to know about our Congregation life in our Region and they were so happy. One thing was so amazing for me is that; For example I used to communicate with Sister Luka in German by using Google translate in my phone to pass my gratitude message to the Sisters, then after sending the message was read and the feedback was good. In general, I enjoyed my time in Europe by learning many things from my fellow sisters in Poland, German and Rome.

For me I can say that; every day is a day of learning and growing. Love and unity goes together and have a lot of power because through them we are always connected together regardless of our traditions, language and color.


Sr. M. Agnes Mwanajimba

Region – Tanzania