Will you go with us to Lisieux to St. Theresa? I was asked by Father Theodore Suchoń, the retired custodian of the shrine of St. Teresa in Rybnik Chwałowice. I can’t hide the fact that the priest surprised me with this question, so I immediately didn’t know what to say. I heard in the receiver: please don’t worry about anything, just ask permission from your superiors. I asked Sr. Provincial Superior for her opinion, I got the green light. However, I knew that May would be a very demanding month for me. However, when I read that April 29 marks the 100th anniversary of the beatification of St. Teresa – I rejoiced heartily. I understood that this is a special time and when I thanked Fr. Theodore and said that I would go it was the Priest who calmly replied – There will be Sister Dulcissima walking in the person of a sister in the thanksgiving procession in Lisieux. I was touched. I also realized that the sender of the invitation to Lisieux that I had received from Fr. Theodore was a Carmelite saint. This is how St. Therese of the Child Jesus invited us to give thanks and adore God.

The central celebration in Lisieux was held in a solemn atmosphere. It was a great celebration! At the shrine of St. Thérèse in Lisieux, Cardinal Jean-Marc Aveline assured with simplicity of heart that St. Thérèse is teaching us as well as the whole Church today a valuable lesson. He said that St. Thérèse teaches us a Catholicism based on humility, total trust in God, and participation in Christ’s saving mission through intercessory prayer and sacrifice. The cardinal noted that Pope Pius XI called her the star of the pontificate and also pointed out that she is the word that God speaks to us because even today He shows us through her , that for Him the most important thing is humility.

Saint Teresa and Sr. Dulcissima how similar they are. This thought kept coming back to me like a boomerang. I realized, once again, that St. Teresa is a gift of heaven to Sr. Dulcissima, but also to our entire congregation.

The 100th anniversary of the beatification and also the 150th anniversary of the birth of St. Therese of the Child Jesus were events that brought together large crowds for the Eucharist in the Basilica of Lisieux. After the Mass, there was an opportunity for personal prayer and veneration of St. Therese’s relics.

With gratitude in my heart, we returned, back to Poland.

May God be glorified in His angels and saints.

s. Małgorzata Cur