On Sunday, November 21, another pilgrimage of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate took place to Our Lady, the Keeper of Faith in Bardo.

The tradition of this pilgrimage goes back to the beginnings of the Congregation. At a time when a young, small community began to form, a government decree to liquidate orders (Kulturkampf) was issued. The sisters realized that this was a hopeless situation, so they made the effort to make a pilgrimage to Our Lady to ask for a miracle of salvation. After several days of intense prayer, they returned to the monastery and at the same time received a state decision that they could stay in the monastery and not be secularized. After this event, the sisters made a promise that each year they would go on pilgrimage to the throne of Mary to give thanks for saving the Congregation. It is now an opportunity for us to thank for all the favors the Congregation has received in its history and for the favors that each sister receives.

Despite the still developing pandemic, the sisters came in large numbers to the Sanctuary of Mary, Keeper of the Faith in Bardo. During the solemn Mass and in praying the rosary they thanked for the protection of Mary and asked for strong faith for the future. Sanitary restrictions did not allow kissing the statue of the Mother of God, but the Priest presented it in front of the altar so that we could worship before Mary through prayer and gestures of respect. After a long time, we could be together again and Mary was among us and with us.