Retreat of our children from Jaszkotle

Easter is fast approaching; we feel it also in our Center in Jaszkotle. We want to experience Lent in a unique way.

Already at the beginning of Lent, we joined the collection in kind for refugees from Ukraine.

During the last retreat and the Way of the Cross, we considered the difficult experiences of the war and the situation in Ukraine.

The involvement of our children, their costumes, props and the way of conducting the Way of the Cross service meant that, we all children and adults experienced it very emotionally, feeling the fear and anxiety that comes with the threat to life.

The contemplation of each station of the Way of the Cross – Jesus’ last way was reflected in the events taking place in Ukraine. We prayed not only for peace for Ukraine and Russia, but for the whole world, that there would be consent, understanding and respect for every human being everywhere.

Meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament, through the intercession of Mary, we prayed for peace and cessation of hostilities,

We also apologized to God for our “little battles” which we fight among ourselves about meaningless trifles. The sacrament of penance ended our retreat day. May its fruits be good for everyone and change our everyday life for good.

Please see the photo gallery above.

Emilia W.