On December 6, on the eve of the 146th anniversary of the death of the Servant of God, Fr. John Schneider, our Father Founder, we persevered in prayer and thanksgiving in the place where his mortal remains rest. On that day, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Piasek in Wrocław was gradually filling up. We rushed from various parts of Poland to Father’s grave to tell him how we live, what’s going on with us, what hopes we have, at the same time asking him for intercession for each of us.

We’ve all been here. Sisters whom remained at home in Poland and abroad made spiritual pilgrimages. There were sisters from Germany, the Philippines and Tanzania. None of us could be missing.

The prayer was started by S.M. Immaculata Kiepura, Provincial Councilor:

“Today we stand at the grave of our founder, Servant of God Father John Schneider, a son of the Silesian land, a great apostle of mercy, a good shepherd, a lover of the Immaculate and a defender of human dignity, to praise God for the great things he accomplished in the life of our Father Founder. We stand together to pray and thank God for his life full of goodness, mercy and concern for girls without work and shelter, to ask for graces and gifts through his intercession. We want to save souls with a simple prayer. Christ gives us his word about the Good Shepherd today, so let this God’s Word sink deeply into our hearts and speak to us with great power and love.

These words of introduction to our vigil gave direction to the prayerful presence of the religious family of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate at the tomb of the tireless Apostle of Mercy.

At the middle of our prayerful readiness of heart was the Eucharist celebrated for the beatification of the Servant of God, Fr. John Schneider. The Holy Mass was presided over by Fr. Piotr Rapacz, vicar of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Piasek. Thanks to the musical sensitivity of our sisters united in the choir, a liturgical community was created that glorified God with all their hearts through singing.

We returned to our communities bearing in mind the assurances of our Father Founder:

“I bless you with all my heart, I will always be with you.” What we strongly believe in. Amen


s.M. Małgorzata Cur