The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, Day of Consecrated Life

Even if all the sisters on the monastery hill are already
are old, yes, and precisely because we are old – we have time to pray and also time to celebrate. On the Day of Consecrated Life we celebrated Holy Mass with the Franciscans and afterwards it was a very nice get-together in our refectory…..
In gratitude for our vocation and for the good togetherness, Brother Michael gave each of us a rose and emphasized…we would be much poorer – if we did not know each other – it is something wonderful – that we have each other – may it remain so for a long time.
While drinking coffee we had very good conversations and shared many memories from all the meetings in the past years.
Yes – this afternoon has done us all good and we agree …
to use the next opportunity to meet again, to stay together on the path of discipleship.

Sr. M. Felicitas