Fall in love with Rosary

The simple and repeated prayers of the rosary allows us to really Focus on what Jesus did and said. To some  may seem un significant, tiresome and boring to hold and reciting a rosary, but Pope Leo XIII put it well when he said  “The Rosary is the weapon of choice given to the church to defeat the ancient dragon, bring peace, heighten personal virtue and demonstrate a true devotion to Jesus and Mary” The Rosary is not an optional extra, it has the potential to transform our lives if we are willing. This does not mean we should pray only the Holy Rosary and leave the other prayers, NO!

It is a very light but victorious weapon one can hold and it is very easy to make it a daily habit of praying and connecting with Mary any were in any time, if not in the church or in the praying place, can be said else were, for example in every new day, the reciting of the Rosary has been part of my living experience, I have found it a quick answering prayer to my needs and intentions I make and this is true that, I just give Her my problems and they are answered in different ways.  years back when I joined the group of Legio Mary in my parish  one of the leaders always told us that whenever we say hail Mary, Mother Mary plucks a rose and puts it in a beautiful basket and the more hail Marys said the more the roses becomes and Mary is Happy about this. When I love something and become addicted to it, is not possible to stop it, this is how I have become used to pray the Holy Rosary, whenever am traveling or walking  it is not easy to find my hand empty, or it is worthy reciting a rosary than using the phone  if not necessary, this is the best opportunity I get to talk to Mary because the devil uses these moments to destroy when people are sleeping or busy with other things and we know that even by holding it, Satan knows there is a battle ahead. It has happened many times when am travelling I notice many people getting annoyed when their evil powers corrides with the power of the ‘Rosary’ even when in my pocket and one day I was reciting my rosary in a bus and one man  was seated next to me, at first I could not understand why the man was so disturbed and  restless  and telling the driver he wants to change his seat, and when he was asked why he said something is burning  him, the rosary I was praying was competing with his evil intentions.

The praying of rosary should be inserted in our program, find the time, may it be in the church, working place, while walking during the day or before sleeping or according to every one’s devotion to Mary. when we get into this intimacy love of the rosary no way we can find ourselves helpless or defeated because we are holding in our hands the ‘un- breakable’ weapon with all graces. Well, the month of October is a good time to re- evaluate the place the Rosary has in our lives and today is 7th October when we have the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, in other words ‘Our Lady of Victory’ which was instituted by Pope Pius V. God has promised to make us like Himself and our lady is the first in whom this promise has been fulfilled and so she is worthy of the highest of praise. Let us experience the power the Holy Rosary by reciting it daily and showing more love to Mary through it. Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary  pray for us.

sr. Teresia Mukumu