Bethlehem – House of Bread

At the invitation of our sister Janina Michnik, who teaches religious education in the nearby primary school in Racibórz Brzezie, on December 19, i.e. on Monday, we took part in a nativity play, a performance about the birth of Jesus.

Undoubtedly, this spectacle brought the viewers closer to the mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God and introduced us to the atmosphere of the long-awaited Christmas.

The roles of actors were played by almost all children and teenagers who, under the supervision of teachers, were preparing for the Nativity play for a month. The students performed in beautiful costumes and sung well-known carols or pastorals. The set could not miss the Holy Family, shepherds or angels. And when the Silesian family, sitting at the Christmas Eve table, appeared on the stage, its members talked about traditional, but also regional customs related to the preparation of the Christmas Eve supper.

Sr. Janina was watching over everything, who was moving the participants into the next stages of the performance. Dances, singing, playing many different instruments are the elements that enrich and enliven this Christmas performance.

The spectators were parents and invited guests who rewarded their children with thunderous applause.

It is amazing how many talents the students of the school in Brzezie have.

Thanks to God for His goodness, which is also happening thanks to the commitment of our sister Janina and the entire teaching staff of the school in Brzezie.


s. Małgorzata Cur