It was on 12/06/2017 at 10 pm, when a truck carrying sand for the construction of our Johanne Schneider English Medium Primary School-Mwanga was involved In the accident, inside the truck  was a Driver and a young man named Maiko who suddenly lost consciousness because he hit his head. After receiving the information, Mr. Sakaya who was the ” Contractor ” of the school took responsibility for treating him at KCMC-Moshi Hospital in Tanzania; where he was in a special care room. He remained in a state of unconsciousness for a whole month, a situation that caused fear among us and also for Mr. Sakaya because the medical bills were so high. We shared more through prayer and small donations to Maiko. Maiko has a wife but they still din’t have children; his wife had to work every day to check on her husband’s condition, as he was not allowed to stay in the hospital, so in order to stay close to the hospital he found shelter at Mr. Sakaya’s house.


It was on the morning of 24/07/2017 when I received a disappointing message, that I should go and pick up the Patient and return home, without any explanation because he was still in a state of unconsciousness. I broke down in tears and I was afraid of the patient’s condition. I had no choice but to leave the hospital with his wife and his mother to return home. On the way we were all silent no one said anything to each other and with tears streaming down our cheeks. At home we had to ask for help to take him from the car, the work I always asked his colleagues to help us with and they volunteered so much that they were always ready.

After I took him home not far from us, I went back to the convent and fear gripped me and I did not even know I would tell my fellow sisters. The evening after dinner I informed them that Maiko was back with me, they were all very surprised and everyone was afraid that Maiko would now be gone, and if Maiko dies what will people say about us and this school we are building?


After talking to my fellow sisters we agreed to start asking Sr. M. Dulcissima to help us in this. Also because we took responsibility for helping him we started making juice and spinach which we used to boil and grind in a blender because the patient was not able to eat anything, he was fed through a pipe, so we were preparing juice and spinach and sprinkling soft soil from the grave of Sr. M. Dulcissima as we prayed to God through intercession of his Servant Sr. M. Dulcissima. We did this for three days and on the fourth day his wife told me that she had seen a patient trying to lift one finger of the hand, REALLY it was a great pleasure for me, for his wife and for my fellow Sisters, we all cheered and said MIRACLE !!! SR. M. DULCISSIMA HAS DONE. It was a joy that brought tears to our eyes. After that memorable event, we continued with our novena and regained some strength until nine days later, Maiko’s wife told me that we had to take him to the hospital. So we left at nine in the morning to get a number in the hospital, when we got there everyone was surprised to see Maiko just looking but un able to raise his hand. They asked what have you done Sisters? I replied “God is good”. So we were asked for a week to return him for further treatment, it was very tiresome because we had to leave at 9 am and there we stayed all day without any treatment, but we knew that treatment was done because every day Maiko continued to get some improvement through God’s servant Sr. M. Dulcissima as the next week he started to lift his leg, itching, looking, feeling pain and finally in the 10th month he started to cry when he felt pain. GOD IS REALLY GOOD.


For us in the Region of Tanzania and especially the members of the Mwanga community we are absolutely sure that Maiko has recovered with the help of Sr. M. Dulcissima. So we kept asking her until Maiko could speak completely and his memories returned back and even started walking exercises which is what was left. The first thing he said was thanks to God, to the Sisters of Mary Immaculate also to Mr. Sakaya. “Through these Sisters I have received healing now these are my mothers” says Maiko.

Before coming  to Mwanga Maiko, was a protestant Christian (Pentecostal church) but when he came Mwanga, he and his wife were Lutherans. After the accident, many were following him even with cars or motorcycles to go to their denomination and be prayed for, he went but he told them “I am now a Catholic no matter what you do”. He always told me, “Mother, I have now decided to become a Catholic and ask you to help me get baptized and get married.” At first I was hesitant, but later I asked the catechist sisters to speak to the parish priest and eventually he and his wife began catechism. On 12/09/2019 he was baptized with his wife and confessed their faith and on 14/09/2019 at 3 am Maiko celebrated a Holy Marriage in the Parish of Jesus of Mercy – Mwanga. Three days before the wedding we posted a Photo of Sr. M. Dulcissima in our church and we asked for prayer and thanksgiving for all that God has done for us through the intercession of His Servant Sr. M. Dulcissima. It had indeed been a day full of joy and everyone who witnessed the event thanked God for the mission performed by the Sisters of Mary Immaculate here in Mwanga.

I am very grateful to my fellow Sisters of the Mwanga community for their dedication, the various offerings they made and more to the unity of the prayers we directed to the Servant of God sr. M. Dulcissima for Maiko, we even witnessed this great miracle for us. We as a community believe and trust that anyone who prays through Dulcissima’s intercession will receive a response very soon. When Maiko was healed, it was as if he had died and is now alive through the intercession of our sister. What can we say to God? We are currently witnessing Young Maiko walking slowly and already having one baby girl named Gabriela. Congratulations to his wife who decided to go to her husband and take care of him all the time even in the worst and most difficult situation of his illness until he found treatment.

Let us continue to pray through the intercession of God’s servant Sr. M. Dulcissima to help us in our mission and save the souls of those who need our help.


Prepared by Sr. Anna Mwamlima