We are building something good

Something good… what?

Recently, I had the opportunity to do my novice internship at the Center for Women of the PoMoc Association in Katowice, run by Sr. Anna, Sr. Barbara and Sr. Karolina. Amidst the time of prayer together, accompanying the women and their children at the Center, and many creative activities, I have discovered that the house is full of the abbreviation BCD.

What does that mean? I started to wonder. Of course, the Sisters rushed to help.

We are building something good. Is it just a building erected at the Center? Is it just an action to raise funds for the next stages of construction? No!

There is something much more behind this shortcut! BCD is a community that, for the glory of God, wants to build something good. Something? World! This world that is available to each of us, the world we are a part of, because it is the place where God has placed us. The goal is to oppose evil, physical and psychological violence, wounds, and torn relationships. How to do it? You have to start with the basics. That is, from building the right relationships for which we are created, because it is natural that we are simply drawn to another It is in families that good is born, acceptance of man, acceptance of him. Based on lasting intergenerational relations, we can create a society filled with a sense of security and mutual support, and make that the chain of misunderstanding and conflict will be broken.

And this is the destiny of the St. Joseph at the PoMoc Association and the priority of the whole community # building good to create healthy relationships in families.

And the most interesting thing is that it is already happening! The BCD team does not wait for the “headquarters” in the Center, where the workshops and meetings will be held, to be ready. They meet today – mothers who exchange experiences, fathers who want to experience their parenthood better, and a multitude of volunteers who not only work for the Center, but bring to this community all that they have the most valuable – themselves.

Each of us can become part of the #budujemycosdobrego team. Not only with real cooperation in Katowice with my sisters, but where we are – in our families, in our communities, in our workplaces. Because the point is that the good that we can pass on goes with us everywhere.


Sr. Justyna Wijatyk (novice)