Completion of the school in Mwanga

In 2009, we started working in Mwanga in northern Tanzania.  Initially, the land was purchased and a monastery was built, but the plan was also to build a primary school with a boarding school. Building a school was a long process, and the sisters wanted to start working with their children as soon as possible. Then the parish priest came to the rescue, who provided us with a room at the church where classes for children were to take place, and in the meantime the construction of the school began.

On 15.01.2018, the school officially started its activity with 25 children (11 boys and 14 girls) with 3 teachers and 1 driver. In recognition of our Founder, it was named after him, so that during the mission of the sisters in Mwanga the charism of Fr. Johannes Schneider was spreading.

We appreciate good work of the sisters in the parish and cooperation with local residents, people noticed a great commitment, generosity and true love for children. These attitudes attracted the attention of parents who willingly began to entrust their children to our care (even children from Muslim families), trusting that it is in our school that they will receive a good upbringing, values and faith in God, and at the same time get a good start to the next stage of education.

In January 2019, the sisters had to leave the hall at the church, and since the construction work was not yet completed, for 6 months the classes took place on the territory of the monastery – under the kibanda, where class one pupils were taught and the second class were held in one of the rooms of the convent. The monastery compound served as a playground. In July, classes were transferred to the first finished classrooms on the construction site.

We thank God, the construction works this year was successfully completed and the children began to use the whole compound, namely the school building, boarding school and dining room. In general, the school is used for children aged 6 to 13 years, regardless of religious ties. There are currently 95 pupils now in 3 basic classes. The target is 7 classes, for about 315 pupils and above. There are two official languages in Tanzania – Swahili and English, but the classes are taught in English because it’s an English Medium school and it’s a good start for them for their next levels of education. It is also mandatory to wear uniforms, black shoes and greysocks. If parents don’t have money, or if the child has grown out of their shoes, they can wear others until they purchase them.

The lessons begin at 7:30 a.m. with a prayer followed by an appeal, during which children gets guidance from the teachers and on Mondays and Fridays sings the national Anthem Infront of the national flag. During break time that is 10:00 am, pupils take porridge and 12:30 pm have their lunch. Classes end at 15:30 pm. After then day scholars are dismissed to their homes, there are those who go by foot and those who go home by school bus and boarders continue with their preps, the school fees are paid by parents. 

Due to the fact that our school began to operate in the new building, on April 23, 2020, a dedication and official opening was planned, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, the celebration was postponed to the moment when the situation improves.