Thursday 15 September

Our Lady of Sorrows
Thursday of week 24 in Ordinary Time
Gospel – John 19:25-27
Below the cross Mary participated and embraced the pain of her son on the cross for the salvation of humanity. She participated in the pain of Jesus for the salvation of each of us. Even more Jesus said, “Woman, this is your son”. She embraces each one of us, our pains, our fears, and our aspirations. And she transmits the love of God to us. We must be close to her to feel that embrace, when Our Lady of sorrows takes our sorrows and comforts us with the love of God expressed and experienced in her son. “This is your mother”. This is the gift of Jesus from the Cross. Why are we waiting to hug her when we are in troubles? Run to her! She is always there below our crosses participating in our sufferings and pains.