During her visit to Tanzania, the Superior General Sr. M. Alma asked me if I would like to go to Germany. I was very happy about it and asked myself: “Me, to Germany, how is that supposed to work?

A trip to Germany. A trip to Europe by plane was a big challenge. Sr. Bakhita and I took off on December 12th and arrived in Berlin on December 13th. It had snowed, what a surprise for us. We didn’t have warm jackets and were very cold. Sr. M. Carla picked us up from the airport and finally we were in the house and in the warmth. The second challenge was the language. It was very difficult for me and I spoke with my hands and feet (sign language), but the sisters understood me.

The language school started in January. It was a disaster. I didn’t understand a word and then we also got homework. Ojee! I came home like before. It was a difficult time for me and I thought I couldn’t learn this language.

Patience! Patience! All strength lies in rest. After four months a lot was better. Here I learned that I need time to understand any foreign language. It took me a lot of time, but I am very grateful that it went so well. My motivation was – Never give up. Never give up. Even when I was a novice, my dream was to become a nurse. I was allowed to do my training in Cochem. Mother Patience was always there.

I’ve been in Germany for eight years now. I work in our nursing home and for that I am very grateful and very happy. It is hard work, but it is joyful and satisfacting. I like working with old people. Some are happy to see an African woman as a religious sister at her age. I am very happy when I can give hope again to people who have already given up. I notice this in their statements, such as: You belong to my family, you are like my mother, you are like my sister etc. “. Then I think of the good shepherd who had 100 sheep and was looking for the lost one.

I live in Kreuzberg in a small community with 5 sisters. We try to make the best of it together; and we enjoy every day as a gift from God. Wherever there are people, it is normal that there are also disagreements. That already shows that we are not angels.

I love my congregation. I love our founder and I love my fellow sisters.


Sr. M. Josephina Kilawe