Another Christmas

There are many elements and characters in the Christmas nativity scene, and the most important Character is always the smallest. This is a divine paradox, what seems small to God is great, what is weak for us has great power in God’s eyes.

If you did a survey among those celebrating Christmas, what is needed for the holiday to be successful, many important answers would come up: family atmosphere, cultivating traditions, good weather, etc. All these can certainly help in the celebration. On the other hand, the answer is quite rarely answered that during Christmas, the most important thing is Christmas – Baby Jesus who comes to us. He is so little, when He comes, sometimes we get lost in the multitude of all these traditions, dishes and holiday pleasures.

This year it is said that the holidays will be different. Due to the pandemic, there are many prohibitions and restrictions. Not everywhere will be possible to celebrate all traditions, meet with loved ones, trips or even outings are not possible everywhere, many holiday attractions are closed. But it is precisely for this reason that we have a chance to make this Christmas the most normal. Maybe this year there will be fewer things for us to cover Little Jesus in the manger. Let us accept all these difficulties and look at them positively, seeing them as an opportunity to celebrate the great Mysteries of God more deeply. Let this little Baby, who is the Lord of this world, with all its problems and concerns be at the center of our holiday. God wants to remind us that He is born in us regardless of external conditions, it is enough to be attentive and accept Him with faith and trust. If we cannot travel or go outside during the holidays, let’s remain inside.

Sr. Sybilla Kołtan