unit that serves life


Fishing net – memories of my childhood come back to life. When I went to the market to buy fish with my mother, the fishmonger came with a net, dipped the net once through the basin, and a fish was wriggling in the net that could no longer get out of it. I felt sorry for the fish.

Psalm 124: 7-8: Israel’s thanks for deliverance. “Our soul has escaped the hunter’s net like a bird; the web is torn and we are free. ”Networks symbolize being trapped.

Was this the intention of Jesus when he asked Peter: “You should become a fisherman of men”? Question to our pastoral care: do we want to catch people (also for Christ) who can then no longer escape …?

Nature as a builder

If I want to learn about networks, the first thing I would do is take a look at nature. One network that many are disgusted with is the spider web. The human brain, for example, is a terrific network. Different cells are connected to each other, form nodes (synapses), ensure the smooth transport of information and control impulses and even react when certain functions fail by forming new nerve tracts and switching points. He must have been a genius who created such networks. Would such a network also be conceivable for the transmission of our Christian faith?

A common basic idea

How is a network created?

A prerequisite for the functioning of a network is a common orientation towards a binding, strong and comprehensible value model (base values). How quickly did networks develop during the flood disasters on the Elbe and Oder in order to be able to help the people affected. Working for people in need – can be a common basic idea.

Do we have such a common basic idea? Could Caritas be such a common basic idea: “See need and act”? Or could narratives from the gospel of Jesus Christ be such a common basic idea from which a network is then formed.


Many people claim that they are well connected. They then also refer to their address directory in the calendar or on social media. But communication is more than just knowing people. Communication means having a lively relationship with the other. Such communication creates transparency and thus trust. So communication is an important foundation for unity.

Serve life

Communication presupposes an encounter at eye level. At this point, it is often argued that in a hierarchical system like the church, such communication on an equal footing does not exist. Here, too, a look into nature can help. In its systems, nature certainly knows superior and subordinate orders. Nevertheless, communication works in your organisms because it serves life. The apostle Paul’s picture of the human body and its members (1 Cor 12) shows very well how successful communication in a hierarchical system is possible – if it serves life.

Our doctor

Telling a story: the higher law

Have history discussed in groups: impressions, insights …

Through what Kurt did, a network has formed that many people have identified with.



Prelate Dr. Stefan Dybowski

August 9th, 2021 monthly lecture St. Augustinus Monastery, Berlin-Lankwitz Communication