Letter from Tanzania

Dear Mission friends,

Best warm regards from Tanzania. Six years have passed in my missionary work in Tanzania, where I was sent by my Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate. I currently live and work in Dar es Salaam. I am involved in the kindergarten, ST. ANGELS DAY CARE CENTER, I take care of the supply and the economic side of the facility by working with the Tanzanian, Sister Angela who is the director.

Dar es Salaam is a port city that is still developing. Since I came to this country, I notice new roads, more and more cars. Rail transport for both passengers and luggage is developing. Not only our city, but the whole country is developing dynamically. Our Congregation has been present in Tanzania since 1973. Our concern is directed primarily to children, young people and women, but also to all those in need. We have been in Dar es Salaam since 2001. At first it was only catechesis in nearby schools and work in the parish. In 2006, the construction of a nursery was started in order to take care of children and thus enable young mothers to work. Before the construction was completed, it turned out that a kindergarten was more needed. And so it happened, a kindergarten was built, which is still functioning today.

The first group of children was only seven, but the school year ended with 36. Every year the number of children increases. This year we have 120 preschoolers. They are children of different kinds of life and faith.

Some children live at a considerable distance from the kindergarten, so they use the transport offered by our school. The school means of transport is an old bus that breaks down frequently. This makes the organization of school activities difficult and is also very expensive. The kindergarten is increasingly feeling the obstacles related to vehicle repair. We’re trying to raise funds for a newer bus.

The cost of the new car is $ 40,000.

I applied to MIVA POLSKA for funding ($ 15,000) and to the Polish Embassy in Tanzania ($ 12,000). For our goal to be reached, we need another $ 13,000. We save on expenses, but it is still not enough, we count on the gift of the heart and the support of our friends. Together we can do more, give Tanzanian children an opportunity for education.

With cordial greetings, remembrance in prayer

Sr. M. Monika Kowarsz SM