A nice meeting

When new residents move into our senior citizen center here in Cochem, I visit them in the first few days to welcome them to our place.

Many of them come from this Moselle region and have known us Sisters of Mary from earlier, when the Marian Hospital was still located on the Klosterberg.

I recently visited Ms. H. to greet her.

She was very happy and said: “It is not easy when you get old and have to leave” at home “because you can no longer cope with everyday life on your own and you don’t want to be a burden on the children either …..

But, I loved moving here – I know St. Hedwig. When my friend was still alive, I visited her once a week in the St. Anna living area and then we always went to the house restaurant for coffee and of course we also treated ourselves to a glass of wine.

Yes, and “we Cochemers” have good connections with the Sisters of Mary anyway, because all of our children were born here in what was then the hospital.

Sister Odilia was “in the baby room” (today one would say on the maternity ward).

She was always there. At that time, men were not allowed to be present at the birth.

I am still thinking about when she came to me with my first daughter and said: “Here is your little angel, she is weak, we will baptize her in a moment and… Sister Odilia baptized her. Anna developed splendidly.

After the birth of my other two daughters, Sister Odilia was with me immediately afterwards and that was so good!

When the second daughter was born, I had a wonderful experience with my sister, because she asked me – what should the girl be called? My answer – Marion. …. Well, what kind of name is that, you can’t walk your child around with this name all your life. Call her Margarete …

I thought “Margarete” well, but if the sister says that, it will be good for our child. I agreed – so my daughter’s name is still Margarete to this day.

Only my husband wondered about this name back then and asked me whether I had exchanged the child – she should be called Marion … but it doesn’t matter – the main thing – healthy.

(Well, that’s the way men are!)

Years later it turned out that Sister Odilia had been baptized in the name of Margaret herself. So it was a good name choice for our child too.

And something else:

When a child was born on the Klosterberg, we were all happy and that’s why the sister was always given something. She could ask for something from us. And… ..she wished for light blue or pink wool so that she could knit jackets and hats for the next babies… isn’t that wonderful?

There are so good memories that have come to my mind – since I’ve been here again.

Yes and the nice thing is:

Something “became” of all of my three daughters.

I am proud.

Sister Odilia has definitely prayed for all the many “Cochem children” and now she will also accompany us from heaven. ”

It was really a precious conversation with this lady for me.

I am happy to say here in public:

“There were really wonderful sisters

who were role models for so many people

and – although they have died, they are still present. ”

“Let’s not forget these.”


Sister M. Felicitas