My temper

There   is   always   a   possibility   to   lose   our   temper.   And   what   happens   nextdepends   upon   what   is   your   nature.   Some   shut   down   themselves,   othersexplode.   Many   times,   we   don’t   want   this.   But   we   are   caught   in   a   wrongmoment, or in a weak moment, unexpected, something or someone touched asensitive point. Or sometimes, it could be an accumulated stress. But the pointis   that   to   recognize   that   moment   of   losing   temper   and   contain   it.   Liberateyourself   from   your   sensitive   areas.   Don’t   reduce   yourself   to   that   and   betteravoid  accumulating  stress. Make intervals of  breathing the  freshness of  yourinner strength and inner freedom.

Don Giorgio