On the 21st of this month ( November) we have celebrated the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In unity we came together in a special way to thank God. This day  touched me in a special way, I was able to thank God for the gift of calling, as well as for the various talents of my fellow sisters. These  talents are really  the enrichment of the Church and the congregation. Through our talents  we can offer a variety of services  happily.

I would like to share with you about the  mission I serve as a Catechist. Some years ago I did this mission in  various parishes in my country Tanzania, now I am doing this mission in the parish of St.Francis of Assis here in Rome,  Italy. I am preparing children to receive various sacraments including first communion and confirmation . For the first time   here in this general  house community of Rome, the leaders have seen it worthy  to be close to the society  around us for the testimony of our mission. So I happily started my mission  this year. At  the  beginning  I faced some challenges in terms of  language, culture and even the manner of teaching which is  quite  different from Tanzania. Since I have a passion to this mission I rejoice and now I no longer find it difficult . On 21/11/2020 ten children received the first communion. And despite this Covid 19 epindemic , these children received Jesus with great joy in their hearts. And although  their lips  were covered with  masks, their smiles of joy appeared  in their bright eyes.

Let us be proud of our talents and use them  in the benefit of others  instead  of hiding them . Our first mission  is prayer, then in every other mission that each one of us is entrusted, we should  offer  the very best of ourselves  for the praise and glory of God. We will be more blessed wherever we are.

Sr. M. Clementina