Sunday 11 June

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time
First reading – Hosea 6:3-6
“Let us set ourselves to know the Lord”. This is very beautiful. The prophet Hosea is asking to make a foundation for our life. We have to prepare ourselves with a disposition to know the Lord. A disposition by which we can know who the Lord is. This disposition is not for any other motive or selfish interest but to know who the Lord is. The Lord is going to come like as the dawn. He will rise like the light. And we should be prepared to welcome him. More than that, to know Him. We need a real opening of our hearts to know him. It is not enough our love like a morning cloud that disappears. And the Prophet speaks exactly how we must have the disposition to know the Lord. “What I want is love, not sacrifice; knowledge of God, not holocausts”. It’s the not the sacrifices without love that is needed but it is the love that’s needed. When the Lord says, “what I want is knowledge of God, not holocausts”, it is for us to remember that the knowledge of God is greater than holocausts. Let’s reflect: Are my sacrifices devoid of selfless love?