25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 16:1-13
Dishonest steward put us forward a challenge: are you ready to do what is necessary to be the children of light? Are you ready to be astute to accept extra challenges to be the children of light?
The question here is: are you ready to love more to help the other? Often, we are happy with the minimum and we don’t think out of the box to help the other. We have our structures and systems. We have our framework through which we want to do our service. Anything outside of that framework we don’t want to do because that will give me extra challenges. The dishonest steward was ready to take extra challenges to save his position. He is ready to do anything to save himself because for him he himself is the important one in his life. We are often not ready to accept extra challenges to love the other in need because they are not important. We become prisoners of our system because for us our system is more important than the poor and the needy. Make the needy and the poor the priority of your life to be the children of light.