Sunday 19 November

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
First reading – Proverbs 31:10-13,19-20,30-31
The Word of God is picturing the image of a perfect wife. This passage refers to the bride of Christ, the Church. The Church is the spouse in whom Christ has confidence. The Church brings all the days of her existence, what the bride needs. The Church is always busy doing the mission entrusted to her by the bridegroom. The mission of evangelization. She works with her own hands. Church is not an organization which exploits but Church works a wife who does her work with eager hands, uses the resources at her disposal, with the opportunities available to her. And her main concern is the poor. She opens her arms to the needy. She does not go behind the vanity of beauty as she is wise. Let’s reflect: How much I admire the wisdom of Church, the bride of Christ?