Sunday 23 October

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Gospel – Luke 18:9-14
Jesus is saying the parable regarding those who “prided themselves on being virtuous and despised everyone else”. Priding oneself on being virtuous is that we do when we want to feel better than others because we are not really better than others. So, our pious activities give us the false assurance that we are better. The quality of life is not measured by the pious activities we do, but on how much we love. What matters is how much you are humble to love. The more you are humble, the more you can love. The intensity of love is measured by the strength of humility. And the quality of life is measured by the intensity of love. But when the pious activities do not generate love, they force us do despise everyone else. Because it puts you in the center and the rest of the world is worthless. Let us be humble to love and then rest of our activities be around this principle.