Sisters’ pilgrimage to Bardo

On the liturgical commemoration of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, i.e. on 21 November, we made a pilgrimage to Our Lady Guardian of the Faith to Bardo.

Bardo, which is called the city of miracles and is also referred to as the Golden Gate to the Kłodzko Basin, hosted 65 Marian sisters on 21 November.

We made a pilgrimage to Mary, Guardian of the Holy Faith from many Polish missions and also from Germany. Spiritually, with the help of social media, sisters from Italy, Tanzania, the Philippines or sisters who remained at home were united with the Bard.

In front of Mary, we were together to give thanks to the Lady of Bardz for the salvation of our congregation on this day, the liturgical commemoration of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This Miraculous Statue of Our Lady with the Child Jesus is situated in the central part of the basilica’s main altar and displayed in a glass case.

We saw Mary well and Mary saw us.

The prayer of the rosary began at 10.30.

We confidently whispered a Hail Mary as we gazed at the Smiling Madonna seated on a throne.

It is here in the Bardo Basilica that Mary has continued to be at our disposal for many years.

As it were, she is waiting for each of us.

The Eucharist began at 11.00 a.m. The parish priest, Father Mirosław Grakowicz CSsR, warmly welcomed and greeted all the participants in the service.

In her letter addressed to the sisters gathered in the Basilica of Bardo, the Mother General wrote, among other things:

“Continuing the beautiful tradition of our predecessors, this year too we want to give thanks for Mary’s constant protection of our congregation. For so many graces that each of us receives in the daily fulfilment of our vocation from God through her intercession.”

We gave thanks.

The sisters made sure to create community through the singing, music they performed. All for the greater glory of God

I will try to present some excerpts from the sermon preached that day by Fr. Mirosław Grakowicz.

And also to articulate the instructions that Father tried to give us.

In his homily, Father Miroslaw referred, among other things, to the teaching of Benedict XVI.

The preacher noted that we are currently living in troubled times, that it can and does worry us that in Europe people are turning away from God. He also stated that many times we ourselves experience difficult situations.

All this can fill us with anxiety.

And as we stand at the thanksgiving gathering,” the pastor said, “we are probably asking what to do? What should we do? What do we need to do?

Referring to the words of Pope Benedict XVI, Father Miroslaw stressed that, above all, under no circumstances must we ourselves be drawn into some kind of hatred or demand for revenge. This advice from the Holy Father is extremely valuable, the pastor stressed. The preacher also encouraged us to follow the logic of the Gospel.

We live in a time of criticism. This is often how we refer to any initiative, idea or action. This applies not only to people of the world, but also to us as persons of consecrated life. This is why today’s feast is to remind us that the natural reaction to any good that happens to us should be thanksgiving. Moreover, a person filled with the Holy Spirit gives thanks for everything that happens to him. An example of this is Fr Joseph Schweter CSsR, who was the spiritual director of Sr Dulcissima, your candidate for the altars. He was a man of thanksgiving. Whatever befell him, he gave thanks to God in a soaring act. Even though he often received nominations, documents concerning the future, he was full of thanksgiving”. – emphasised the Redemptorist.

He also encouraged us to look after the moral dignity of human beings, the moral dignity of ourselves, of another sister, of a superior…of another person, of people who may be a burden.”

He said – Look at this hint that Benedict XVI is giving. Look, in these great people of your congregation we find this attitude.

And some more precious thoughts from our preacher:

“Father John Schneider or Sister Dulcissima would not be who they are if they did not see the value of the other.

We can behave as barbarians in our communities or as disciples of Christ.

We are disciples of Christ when we unconditionally accept His commandments and live these commandments.”


Not to be drawn into evil

To live the commandments

That we live in our communities the commandment of mutual love then we live the presence of God.

Father Founder’s thought “Do good and abide in unity”. This is the answer that the congregation can give to all the difficulties we face in today’s world,” encouraged the Redemptorist.

Encouraged by the custodian of the Bardo Basilica, we thanked God for the gift of vocation and charism.

At the end of the eucharist, Provincial Sister Magdalena Zablotna again entrusted to Mary the care of the congregation and within it the care of each sister. The Provincial Sister entrusted to Mary our present and future, every work carried out by our congregation and finally the whole community.

At the end of our liturgical meeting, each sister was able to kiss the statue of the Guardian of the Holy Faith, after which the pilgrims to Bard went to Dawn, our convent, where we were warmly welcomed and hosted by our sisters.

Virgin Mary, Guardian of the Holy Faith!

At Cana, you saw man’s distress and for him you turned to Jesus for help. Thus you witnessed the glory of your Son and saw His disciples believing in Him. O Virgin Immaculate, you expressed your faith in the power of the Most Holy Redeemer when you said, “Do whatever he tells you”.  Now your words are a signpost to me. Intercede with Him for me, intercede for my loved ones so that we may grow in faith and in love for the Catholic Church.

O Faithful Virgin, thank you for the graces I receive daily through your intercession. I place all my hope – after God – in you. Regard me as your property and take me under the mantle of your protection.

My Mother, I beg you and earnestly implore you: be constantly by my side, do not abandon me, especially at my last moment on earth, so that I may praise God’s mercy together with you and with all the hosts of angels and saints in Heaven. Amen.

S.M. Małgorzata Cur