The beginning of the novena to St. Joseph

We are in the novena before the feast of Saint Joseph, who is the Patron of our Congregation, but also the Patron of the difficult times in which we live. How is it, however, with the difficulty that is being talked about so much now?

The Holy Family also fled from persecutors, they were refugees. Today so many of our sisters from across the eastern border share their fate, and they do not have the support of husbands or guardians, because they are defending the freedom of the homeland. Mary and Jesus had Joseph, the Guardian. The trouble of escaping does not concern us. Our monasteries are not in ruins. We have plenty of bread and water. Perhaps, in the spirit of solidarity, regardless of age and disease, could we share with those in need the poverty of their everyday life, remaining of bread and water, fasting to overcome this particular demon with fasting and prayer? Let us unite in fasting, which has great power, because it can expose our weaknesses, and then the Lord will come to our aid.

We unite in prayer because it is the heart of each of us. Prayer is this need of the heart, but also unity. We are united by the common path on which God the Father set us, but today we are also united by fear for the future. Let us use this fear creatively, let it push us to trust God more, to convert our hearts. Let us restrain the fear of many, abiding by the dying Christ, trusting in the Victory.

I accompany the sisters on this path of prayer, I thank those who were with us in Kalisz body and spirit on Wednesday, March 9, and I cordially greet you

Sr. M. Magdalena Zabłotna