Monday 5 June

Saint Boniface, Bishop, Martyr
Monday of week 9 in Ordinary Time
First reading – Tobit 1:3,2:1-8
“See! He is not afraid any more”. This is Tobit who walked in paths of truth and filled his days in good works. When he was invited to a good dinner, he seeks someone poor to share his meal. This is really a model to follow. When we have a good meal, a good situation, a good opportunity, we must be like Tobit. A good opportunity for me is a good opportunity for me to be generous for others. Then when Tobit finds that there is a dead man in the street, he is just leaving his opportunity to have the good meal, he gives it up to bury that dead person. The word we read in the Word of God is, “sprang up at once, left my meal untouched”. This is very significant. The need of the other pushes me to spring up, pushes me to give up the good meal. For this we must be walking in the way of truth. Doing good works is not doing some activities we do according to our conveniences but springing up to the needs of the others leaving behind even the best things in our life. Let’s reflect: How much I spring up to the needs of the others leaving behind my comforts?