Monday 6 February

Saints Paul Miki and his Companions, Martyrs
First reading – Genesis 1:1-19
Reading the creation narration one truth becomes very clear. Everything comes from the Word of God. “God said, ‘Let there be light’, and there was light”. Then God saw that what came into existence is good. Everything in the nature is from the Word of God and is good. Then in the reading we can see that God is assigning each created being a place and a role. We must understand this truth very well to have the right relationship with the nature around us. This is very important to find our own place in this picture. Everything in the nature is willed by God and is approved by God as good. Moreover, each created being has its role and responsibility. So, what must be our relation to the nature? Our relation to the nature must be a relation which respect that truth. The truth of the creation which must become part of our life which makes us sensitive to all ecological issues and sensible to the pain of each created being. And we cannot distance ourselves away from this truth. We are entrusted with this truth to be cared with responsibility. Let’s reflect: how much sensitive am I to the truth of creation, that everything come from God, and everything has its good place in the creation?