Herbal consecration on the feast of the Assumption of Mary

Most of us are familiar with the custom of consecrating herbs on the feast of the Assumption of Mary (August 15). It is still common today, especially in rural areas. This custom has developed from several legends about the Mother of God. One of these legends tells that the apostles did not find her corpse after Mary’s death, but rather fragrant flowers and herbs that gave off an intense scent grew at the place of the grave. Perhaps this legend wants to remind us that the fragrance of the knowledge of Chisti should be spread through the life of Christians (2 Cor. 2:14). Just as Mary brought Christ through her life and thus salvation, the “being saved” in body and soul, so it should also happen through our life. The medicinal herbs are a symbol for this “healing”.

The sisters of our convent in the nursing center St. Hedwig in Cochem also celebrated a festive service on the day of Mary’s Assumption, during which herbs were also consecrated.

Because only a few residents were allowed to come to Holy Mass due to the corona regulations – the consecrated herbs were then distributed in the living areas.

Sr. Felicitas