Joy, Happiness and Smiles abound in the Region of Tanzania.

Finally, the long-awaited day has finally arrived. It is many years since the name Schneider began to be heard on the African continent, especially in Tanzania.

When we thank God for the great things He does for us in life we ​​have every reason to say a word of thanks to all who made this Schneider name continue to be heard in every corner of the soil of our Region of Tanzania.

It is a great pleasure and joy to reach the climax and the very day to be able to bless our new and wonderful John Schneider English Medium Pre & Primary school, which many have dedicated their efforts up to this point.

To this day the joy that has reigned in our hearts is thanks to God for the congregation and all who in one way or another has been the reason for the existence of this school.

First of all, thanks to the leaders of the congregation, previous Mother General Sr. Alma Białek and her Council, the superiors of all our Provinces as well as our Region of Tanzania for their great efforts to ensure that Schneider School is built in Mwanga.

Thank you very much Mother General Sr. Sybilla Kołtan on behalf of all the superiors of the congregation who made their contribution by providing us with this great school support. Secondly sincere thanks to the economist of the congregation Sr. Luka who has always been at the forefront of helping us economically in the construction of this school. God bless you always.

When we thank God for the gift of school, it is our only opportunity to thank and congratulate the school leadership, all the staff and John Schneider’s students for their professional, ethical, and heroic efforts in their school formation, and especially in their examinations. The first fourth grade since the school started, have been able to do wonders in their performance, with the achievement of grade A, thus gaining first place District, first in the Region and within Same diocese are the only successful Catholic school. very nice. We thank God for that.

This joy of good performance has led to our school being awarded the Certificate of Excellence in the Diocese by the Rev. Father Bishop Rogath Kimaryo and the entire district Education department.

For us it is a great pleasure for our John Schneider school, our Region of Tanzania and the congregation as a whole. God bless all those who support us economically and in other ways until we can shine like this and today on.04.02.2022 we were able by the grace of God to bless and officially open our school.

Thanks to all the Sisters wherever they are and in every corner of the world where you are for your prayers and sacrifices that you offer always for us and especially for the construction of our John Schneider school in Mwanga

Special thanks also to all the donors of our congregation who support and enable us. God bless you and we always pray for you in our prayers and intentions of the mass. Thank you very much.

Sr. Agnes – Regional Superior -Tanzania