Retreat for women at the Motherhouse in Wrocław

On the third Sunday of January, there was a gathering in the cradle of our Congregation – in the Motherhouse in Wrocław, which was attended by over a dozen women. The leading theme was the person of Mary, “All beautiful and full of grace.”

After the invocation of the Holy Spirit, we sang matins, which is “the voice of the beloved Bride of Christ,” to sanctify the morning hours of the day and to obtain a blessing for the entire Christian people.

The first part of the focus, led by Sister Agnieszka Plasło, was devoted to the essence of entrusting to Mary and putting oneself in “the bondage of love”. For a modern man, being a slave may evoke negative feelings, albeit in the Christian sense and in the spirit of St. Louis Maria Grignion de Montfort, a slave does not belong to himself, he has his Lord and therefore is untouchable, protected. Therefore, entrusting ourselves to Jesus through the hands of Mary, we find ourselves in a safe Ark, where the Evil One has no access. But you can only devote yourself to someone you know, trust and love. That is why the second part of the meeting was devoted to the obstacles that we encounter in our relationship with God and Mary. These obstacles are within us. It is too much concentration on ourselves and our needs, which closes us in selfishness and deepens our defects. The alternative is to enter the path of dying, that is, “when the seed falls into the ground, it first dies to bear fruit” and to choose values ​​so that the virtues take root in us.

We stopped at our relationship with our mother in turn. The mother-child bond is the deepest bond. Often, difficult relationships with mothers look at Mary and therefore, she may seem distant, inaccessible, absent … The relationship with the mother translates into various relational planes, for example: superior – subordinate, teacher-student, employer-employee. Becoming aware of these mechanisms gives you the opportunity to change. If we live in more and more awareness of what is hidden within us, we become more free internally.

After the formation meeting, we shared the work of God’s Word in our lives. We considered the Annunciation of Mary according to the Gospel of St. Luke.

In the further program, the conferences were delivered by Father Łukasz Mścisławski, OP, who reminded us that we are the work of God’s love, created in His image and likeness, and that our goal, home and homeland is the bosom of God the Father. Man’s likeness to God is deeper in us than sin. Many people have not discovered their identity and do not know who he really is, how precious and beautiful he is in God’s eyes. That is why Mary comes to help us. As the most grateful creature whose life was a song of thanksgiving for the great works done by God, he always teaches concentration on Jesus and accepting His Word. The accepted Word gives our lives the right direction.

Throughout the afternoon, the participants of the recollection had the opportunity to enter the sacrament of penance and reconciliation, to talk and to adore the Blessed Sacrament with a beautiful musical setting. At the end of the meeting, we ate the Word and Body of Jesus during the Eucharist.

During a joyful agape we shared the fruits of the day, thanking God for the great things He has done for us today.

Collections for women will take place cyclically in order to enter deeply into Marian spirituality and give oneself into the “bondage of love”.


Here are the brief testimonies of the participants in the concentration:

God bless. My name is Agata and I live in Łódź. On January 23, I participated in the day of recollection “All beautiful and full of grace” in Wrocław, organized by the Sisters of Mary Immaculate.

Sometimes you hear that this or that happened by accident and that’s how I got there too, because I went to meet the leading sister and two friends more than for the topic and focus. That was my motivation.

However, I can see how much the Lord Jesus wanted me to be there.

For some time I have been working on the topic “relationship with mom”, what should it be? What is it characterized by? What was not in my family, etc., I know that despite the difficulties (I was brought up more by my dad), this is something that I have to work with and I have already started to do it. On the way to this day of recollection, I read a book about it on the train. What was my surprise when my sister started talking about it SAME at the conference!

To get to know the Mother of God better, you must first look at your own relationship with your mother. Such a coincidence? I do not think so. God cares for me and I can see HIM leading me.

In a calm atmosphere and in a small group and openness of the other participants, I also learned how to look at the “needs” that develop me and that make me lean more towards selfishness.

It was good to be there, and I also took advantage of the conversation with the priest. I think that this Saturday time is already paying off for me, I am waiting for the next meetings, because I heard that they are planned.



“For me, this day of recollection, it was a time of grace … From the very beginning I felt God’s Presence among us and the Presence of Mary … For me, the process of healing my relationship with my mother began, I didn’t even realize that I needed it so much it affects my life. I was encouraged to work on myself, I realize that it will be a process, but it is important that I was encouraged to do so and I believe that Jesus and Mary will help me. It was a time of good talks, of being in relationship with others. The conversation with my father gave me a lot, I felt the tension drop from me. It is good to hear that I can come to Jesus with what I am weak in, I raise my children by myself and I think I had to deal with everything, that there was no room for weakness. All setting, preparation was very good. It was so warm from the Sisters, the smile made the people feel accepted. Thank you for the songs at Adoration and Eucharist – they touched hearts, were beautifully prepared. I recommend and encourage everyone to experience such days of recollection, it is really a time of God’s grace ”.



“On January 23, I had the pleasure to participate in the day of recollection in Wrocław entitled “All beautiful and full of grace.” Let me start with the words of the song with which we were able to end the meeting:

“Let our path be common

Let our prayer be humble

Our Love is powerful

Our Eternal Joy ”

Man changes … years fly, but I know one thing for sure, if not for the sisters almost 10 years ago, I would not be here today … I started with time, because time shows how much love is put into each meeting 😊. After the whole meeting, I say that nothing happens without a reason and this is what it is nowadays pandemic – a man needs such a Lamp in the form of sisters that will help to be on the right path.

Thanks to Sr. Rachel and Sr. Agnieszka, we have the opportunity to follow the right path, for which I thank them very much 😊.

During the pandemic, I went far from God and Mary to such an extent that I blamed every little trouble on them, I thought that I did not miss them. I was very wrong … I miss the Church. Courage to take risks and trust again. I felt it already at matins. The first tears behind the eyelids … think “what’s going on?” The meeting with Sr. Agnieszka, which went deep into the depths, although I liked not every word that was said, because it showed how much work ahead of me, but also how much I had already gone through …The meeting ended with working with the Holy Scriptures and sharing the word of God (Lk 1,26-38)

The Lord stopped me over my inner monologue of anger and showed me two verses Lk 1.30 “Do not be afraid” and Lk 1.37 “For nothing is impossible for God.” Jesus introduced peace and a sense of security with these words. I would like to thank the sisters for the opportunity to meet, not only physically, but above all spiritually. ”



“The day of recollection was a beautiful time to listen to yourself. In the silence before the Lord Jesus, I was able to look at my heart and my desires. Mary, especially at this time, made her presence felt, her closeness felt. Thanks to the content given to us by Sr. Agnieszka and Fr. Łukasz, I have rediscovered Mary as a Mother ”.



“I think that after the day of recollection, everything is still going well in my head and heart and that the fruit will be more visible with time, but I am sure that it will be because there was quite a lot of spiritual struggle before and during the meeting.

During the conference, I learned interesting things, which affects our femininity and relationship with Mary, but also with the people with whom we meet every day. It also reminded me that everything that happens in our life makes sense and that God watches over everything, and what has been entrusted to Mary will not perish forever.

I had a very important conversation with sister Agnieszka, after which I felt a peace of heart and an even greater desire to build a deep relationship with Jesus.

God bless you for this beautiful and important initiative 🙂 ”