Saints do not fall from the sky – assures Fr. Przemyslaw Krakowczyk SAC…. Saints are people like us, just like us they come into the world in families, they have family, they have friends, etc ….
Saints live like us and yet they live as if they were out of this world.
One becomes a saint only when one learns to love as God does,” the priest gradually introduces the theme of the “Called to Holiness” retreat, which we are experiencing at the Retreat House of the Katowice Archdiocese in Kokoszyce.
This is the first series of Retreats with Sr. Dulcissima addressed to those interested in the life, mission, vocation of the servant of God. The retreat is attended by about 50 people gathered from different parts of Poland. The time of the retreat is prayer, deepened reflection, concentration, but also exchange of experiences. It is a fact that many of the retreat participants have experienced the intercession of the handmaid of God and through participation in the retreat want to get to know her more. It is touching that people who did not know each other before are now very open to each other.
During a break between conferences, a lady comes up to me and whispers : sister, it can’t end like this, that we will split up after the retreat. Then another person and another. It happened! The Group of Friends of Sister Dulcissima has been formed. Friends, they want to get to know her better, they want to help her, what’s more they want to pray and sacrifice for priests.
The mission of Sister Dulcissima’s servant of God continues.
Sister Dulcissima’s friends are eager to support the Ministers of Divine Mysteries with her help.
The next retreat is next year.
In the meantime, we stay in touch and hope to meet you at the Dulcissima Days.
S.M. Małgorzata Cur SMI