I help all people who live in the streets. I go to stations, to the bridges, I visit vacant buildings, railway ramps and sidings, old warehouses, staircases – says Sr. Edyta Kasjan from the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate and the Society of “Mission Dworcowa & quotes; In addition to working as a street worker, Sr. Edyta runs along with her colleagues, sister Goretti and sister Helena a resort that offers shelter to the single women. – People I meet are carrying the baggage of traumatic experiences of violence, lack of love and safety, rejection, human trafficking. Everyone who lives in the street feels sorry for their lost homes. Nobody says to himself: “from today I will be homeless and I will be happy” – underlines. Sister Edyta works in Wrocław. – Our Congregation was founded in the nineteenth century, when young women came to this city in search of work and often lost their way. Then the city authorities asked the Church if any priests could help it. The best candidate turned out to be Fr. John Schneider, who previously worked with women in the cigar factory. It was he who created the association, and from it arose congregation – she tells. How is dying on the street? Not everyone can be persuaded to use the help of a shelter, heating room or other facility. Sometimes all that can be done is to accompany a person where he is – on the street, in vacant houses. People without a fixed address go differently. – Loneliness for them is then the worst – the sister explains. Even if they die in the hospital, it is rare to find any of their relatives, and not often the family decides to meet. It is worth “fighting” not to them had to be alone then. Sad to die in dark recesses. Sometime before the outbreak of the epidemic, she met Mr. Kazimierz in Oborniki Śląskie. Once he was homeless, once he lived somewhere. It had various “ups and downs” which unfortunately it also took a toll on his health. Lousy food, unhealthy lifestyle, sleeping on cardboard boxes spread over bare concrete often mean fast for the homeless loss of health. Kazimierz had tuberculosis. When he saw the sister, he burst into tears and says: “Edyta, I’m dying”. “Are you afraid?” She asked. “Yes, because I don’t know what awaits me there & quote ;. The sister told him about God’s infinite love.- “If you knew how He loves you, you would go mad with happiness. But know that He respects our will. If we do not want to accept his love, he does not impose himself “on us”. – I explained to him. – “When you go to that side, say:” Jesus, I trust in you «& quote; – recalls my sister. – He replied, “Only this?”. “Yes, but not removable. These words are meant to be all your faith, all love, all your heart … “.

It was difficult for Kazimierz to understand, so in the end my sister said: “How can you not afford such a prayer, just tell Jesus that you are from Edyta “. “And what, He knows you?”

“Sure he knows … You know, I have a room in there reserved for such unbelievers” – she explained to him with a smile, explaining that she was praying for her friends every day.

They will not be left without help when they cross over to the other side. “It is not known who of us there will be the first. Like me, I’ll be waiting for you; like you, wait for me too … & quote ;. He trusts that they will meet …

(Banasiewicz Blog)