Saturday 25 February

Saturday after Ash Wednesday
First reading – Isaiah 58:9-14
The reading from the Book of Isaiah continues with the insistence of Lord in social justice and its connection to our relationship with God. If there are hungry people around us, if there are oppressed people around us, we cannot be indifferent. We cannot just ignore them and carry out our daily lives and our daily prayers. We must give bread to the hungry and relief to the oppressed. It’s true that we cannot change everything. But do what you can. Moreover, it’s important to keep in our mind this intrinsic connection between our relationship with God and the social justice around us. We must act against the social injustice which comes from the yokes of our system, from clenched fist and wicked word. In our family, in our community and even among our friends there will be persons who suffers from our careless words which hurt them. Some may be suffering from our obstinacy or our clenched fist to conform them to our way of thinking. Let’s reflect: How much importance I give to social justice around me in my relationship to God?