Saturday 6 May

Saturday of the 4th week of Eastertide
First reading – Acts 13:44-52
In the trouble inside the first community of Christians, Paul saw the opportunity to preach the gospel to all. There is a profound message in this trouble in the first community of Christians. They are making the trouble out of jealousy. There is no real reason for the trouble. In making this trouble, they lost the flow of grace through the preaching of Gospel. The truth of the gospel is more important than our petty interests. Sometimes we forget that. To safeguard our petty interests, we sacrifice the truth of gospel. This will result is losing the grace of Gospel. Our selfish interests should not be a hindrance in accepting the truth of the Gospel. We should allow the truth of Gospel to purify our intentions and our interests. Let’s reflect: am I neglecting the truth of the Gospel because of my selfish interests?