Wednesday of week 1 in Ordinary Time
First reading – Hebrews 2:14-18
The incarnation of the second person of Trinity, the son has changed our being. Son became man so that every man and woman can become son and daughter of God. Moreover, Jesus becoming truly human gives us all something special in everything we do, and we are. Whatever we feel and we share, Jesus shared it equally except sin which is against God. He felt everything we feel, and He went through everything we are going through. So, in whatever situation we find ourselves, Jesus is close to us as compassionate and trustworthy companion. Even death is conquered as Jesus is risen from death and we follow Him. So by incarnation, God wanted to walk with us and share everything with us. Not only that, but He also wanted to repair all our shortcomings as we walk. He atones my sins. Let’s reflect: How far we are aware about the fact that Jesus equally shares with us our life and atones for our sins?